L&P Marketing Group works tirelessly to expand the presence of your business online and in your local community. We believe the key to a successful, thriving business is clearly defining your goals and establishing an effective, consistent protocol for achieving those goals.

Our Values

  1. We’re In the Business of Providing Exceptional Client Service and Measurable Results.

    We understand that we’re in the business of delivering a world-class service to each and every client. The amount of time we spend on research, strategy and optimizations is matched with an equal amount of time spent on calls, emails and reporting. Essentially, our work is only valued on how well we present it.

  2. L&PMG Embraces Change and Innovation

    Digital marketing is an ever-changing industry with a constant flow of updates, innovations and new technologies being rolled out at a breakneck pace. By having an open mind to new ideas for improvement, we ensure we are on a path to success not only today, but also five years from now.

  3. We Over-Deliver in Everything We Do

    The only way to create truly loyal Clients is by delivering a service that goes beyond what is expected from us.

    We strive to over/deliver to all our Clients in the areas within our control, especially with the level of service provided and our dedication to reach overall goals. We aim to be proactive and think two steps ahead, rather than being reactive resulting in stress and Client disengagement.

  4. Respond to Client and Partner Requests Fast

    One of our strongest value propositions is delivering an outstanding and incomparable level of service. By always responding to Clients’ requests as if they are urgent, we ensure that our Clients don’t leave our company feeling unimportant. We aim to make every single Client feel like he/she is our only Client.

  5. We Work Hard Because We Know it Pays Off

    “I’m a Great Believer in Luck. The Harder I Work, the More Luck I Have.” – Thomas Jefferson

    We believe in the incredible value of hard work. In this industry, there is no room for cutting corners. We know that extra hours invested in studying, optimizing and servicing our Clients pay off. We might lose some of the battles even though we’ve worked as hard as we possibly could, but we will win the war by working hard.